Mülheim An Der Ruhr,

this is the german city were I grew up, in the middle of the “Ruhrgebiet”, calling itself “the green lung of the Ruhrgebiet”. This area was – starting around the 18th century- very important for the coal mining industry and thus for iron and steel. On an areal from ca. 70km (north to south) x 120 km (east to west) were in that time around 300 coal mines – nearly unbelievable. In 2013 there are only 2 mines still existing. Air pollution was very intense all around, but in and around Mülheim were huge areas with green meadows  and fields, used for farming and also for recreation.  Here you had a real blue sky when the sun was shining, not a grey variation of it. In my closest neighborhood was a farmer with lots of milk cows, I went there every second day with an aluminium milk chum to get our milk. Even in my childhood this was a very old fashioned thing, because don’t forget : Mülheim was already a big city, not a village. I think I was lucky spending my early years in Mülheim,  which was a bit different to other cities in that time. Bigger cities normally didn’t have an eye for their inhabitant’s recreation and pleasure needs. Greens all around me, lots of space to learn riding a bike or rollerblades, things every children love.