Polynesian state in the southern pacific ocean- only 52 of 176 islands are inhabited 


No, not Australia ! Here’s  about everything under the ocean’s surface


74 Islands off the central coast of Queensland, Australia


a small but beautiful country with friendly  people !


Some impressions from the rainy season in the Whitsundays…Roughly between January and March it’s not only wet in the water, but everywhere. The humidity creeps in every corner in your house. It feels like it’s raining without any interruptions. The good thing is, it’s during our very warm – never hot here at the ocean- time of the year, so all in all when you leave your house it’s like going for a shower.

In 2013 we had just one single real storm, everything else were “strong winds”… but see, what solely a storm can do.

✰ Video is made by my husband, Ingo Vaid – enjoy !


Motorbike is not like motorbike, even if both have the same horsepower and / or cc.

Unbelievable for me was the experience to see and feel how much perfectionism can be build in a motorbike : the Z 1000 is a really good bike, but can’t hold the candle to my beloved BMW K 1300R. All you need to do is : see through the curve with your eyes, take your body accordingly , the K 1300R  will follow your command precisely and stay perfectly in the desired line.

  • BMW K 1300R

  • Kawasaki Z 1000

    • Kawasaki ER-6N

    • Take good care

    • Maldives

      The Maldives is an island nation in the Indian Ocean. It looks like a double-chain  of 26 atolls (1192 islands), orientated north-south in the so called Laccadive Sea. The maldivian territory is spread over roughly 90.000squaere kilometres and so making the country one of the world’s most geographically dispersed.

      Not only the very special atmosphere on the islands is awesome. For a diver it is a MUST to dive there.

      The very north situated Haa Alifu Atoll, the Baa Atoll and the South Ari Atoll are the atolls where we were exploring it’s underwater hidden secrets ( and keep on doing so ).



      • MERIDIS DIVE AND RELAX is the Dive Centre in this resort. Island Hydeaway is not an island with an extreme emphasis on diving, this means just, you’re diving more or less alone with your buddy, which is great. Technically all is on a very high level. The dive sites are beautiful not only because of “The Big Ones” but also for incredible soft corals.

        Here’s in their own word’s a short description :

        If the setting above sea level has all the ingredients of a “holiday heaven”, the experience awaiting you below the water’s surface is even more spectacular.

        Dhonakulhi has its own house reef just 10 to 30 meters away from the shore, often frequented by manta rays, dolphins, turtles and whale sharks.

        There are over 20 fabulous dive sites within 5 to 60 minute range by a local “Dhoni” boat. Meridis Dive & Relax offers you the opportunity to explore and experience a stunning adventure in the breathtaking underwater retreat of HaaAlifu Atoll.


        01 – Island Hydeaway
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      • On Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu there is DIVE OCEAN which makes a diver’s life more than easy. They do everything for you and your only job is to sign up for the dives you like to do and then : jump !

        Here is, how they describe diving with them :

        Divers will be astonished by the diversity and abundance of marine life of Baa Atoll and we are here to make your experience even more special. The major part of our 35 dive sites is visited only by Dive Ocean and we have the possibility to see manta rays during the whole year.

        Enjoy the boat ride on the spacious sundeck and have a fantastic dive. Upon your return to the boat our crew is already waiting for you. They disassemble and store your equipment or prepare it for a second dive. They provide fresh fruits and mineral water to refresh and coffee, tea and towels to warm up… just relax and enjoy.

        Dive Ocean Dhuni Kolhu is a great place for beginners, advanced and professional divers and we enjoy sharing our passion and knowledge about the underwater world of the beautiful Baa Atoll.



        02 – Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu
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      • Mirihi – one of the smallest resort islands in the Maldives (around 350m long and 50m wide, offering accommodation for a maximum of 72 person = 36 villas! )  is my favourite island and dive spot. All around the year you’ll find what the heartbeat of a diver beats higher. In my personal opinion you could only stay at the famous house reef to see all the small and big stuff !

        Here are Ocean Pro’s own words :

        Greet the “locals” in their own backyard. The world famous “Madivaru” manta point is only 15 minutes away, the outside reefs of the South Ari Atoll famous for frequent whale shark sightings within easy reach.
        The house reef surprises with wonderful coral and fish life and even mantas and sometimes whale sharks are frequent visitors to the small wreck at the beautiful house reef.

        03 – MIRIHI
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      To be continued

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